September 23 Recording: Practical Tutor Chapters 5, 8, 11

This recording ( ) includes a nice discussion about the how to help inexperienced writers with creating concepts, making connections, and reading/writing issues. What other questions/comments do you have regarding this topic?

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Lindsey Perrine said...

What the Heck is Public Resonance?

I've noticed that a lot of students are having a hard time connecting to an audience when writing their essays in ENG 101. It's as if they're completely leaving the "so-what" factor out of their paper.

Recently, one of the instructors had a discussion with her class regarding this missing element, and I've noticed that some of them now have topics for Project 2 that are too broad in scope. In fact, they're the epitome of public resonance; however, the personal relationship element is now missing. It's like they've transitioned from one polarized extreme to the other.

How can we encourage students to share something on a personal level that ties to greater society? I feel that they think they have to choose one or the other without incorporating both into their prose.

How can we truly make them see through the reader's eyes?

- Lindsey