September 18 Recording: Continue Practical Tutor Chapter 1 & 2

This recording ( includes a nice discussion about how to dialogue with students during a session. What other questions/comments do you have regarding this topic?

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Lindsey Perrine said...

To Tutor Or Not To Tutor?

I recently had a student come to me for help with her creative writing assignment...There was only one problem...I have little to no experience with creative writing essays. I let her know of my limitation and assured her that I would do my best to work through it but that she might be better off with another tutor.

The paper was excellent, and I had very few suggestions for improvement. In fact, I doubt if I could ever write a story based on old-fashioned southern dialogue. Wow!

I think that tutors need to be honest with students up front regarding any hesitations that they may have. It is detrimental to the student to get advice from a tutor bearing an inflated ego.

This week, I actually had a tutor refer someone to me regarding accounting help; while I've taken a few accounting classes, I don't feel that it's my strong point. Again, I told the student that I would do the best I could to work through the assignment with her but that she might be better off asking her instructor or peers for guidance.

Honesty brings tutors down to a "human" level. Throughout my one-to-one sessions, I frequently tell students my writing "horror" stories...After all, no one is infalliable.

- Lindsey