September 25 Recording: ESL and Thirty-Something

This recording ( includes a nice discussion about the difficulty in tutoring ESL students and students who are "thirty-something." What other questions/comments do you have regarding this topic?

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Lindsey Perrine said...

~I didn't really get to watch the video, because the audio and visual components kept fading out so I'm writing a post about something on my mind.~

Lately, I think I'm having a hard time separating higher-order writing concerns from lower-order concerns. Why? Because I insist on "doing it all." When I get a paper, my first instinct is to sit there and edit...and edit...and edit. I realized that this might be a problem for me after I spent 7hours going over a 24-page paper. Although, to my defense, the student is a graduate student getting ready to write her thesis, and her writing is not at graduate level. My goal with that was to give her as much information as possible before she "pulled out the big guns."

Can anyone give me some advice on how they look over long papers? What is a general strategy that you follow?