September 16 Recording: Practical Tutor Chapter 1 & 2

This recording ( includes a nice discussion about analyzing our comments to students' texts and how to get acquainted with students during a session. What other questions/comments do you have regarding this topic?

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Lindsey Perrine said...

One-to-One Tutoring Sessions:

The first student that I tutored came to me with some questions regarding in-text and end-of-paper reference citation; however, after reading through her work, it was evident to me that perhaps she would benefit from a more in-depth session to address some paper-writing basics, such as organization, coherence, analysis, and grammar. When I asked her if she’d like to come in for a follow-up session, she stated that, no, she didn’t want to come in again; she was just glad to be done. In order to avoid offending her, I kind of made it seem like I wanted her to come in again because I didn’t feel that I got to spend enough time with her. From there, she scheduled an appointment, and I felt much better about the situation; hopefully, she did, too.

I think tutors have to handle each and every tutoring session with kid gloves, especially with those situations in which the student feels demeaned merely have to come to the Center at all. Personally, I use humor and share stories about myself, which bring me down to a “human” level. I do not want students to view me as an authority figure, but rather as a peer (who just happens to work in the CTL!). In essence, I firmly believe in the mantra: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” I also believe that tutors must hone in on their interpersonal skills to dig at deeper issues that go well below surface-level problems.